• Thrombomax 12MIU/1.5mg

    Thrombomax Interleukin eleven (IL-11) is a thrombopoietic growth factor

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  • Amgofil 300mcg

    For the reduction in the duration of neutropenia and the incidence

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  • Oxaliplatin Medac 50/100/150mg

    antineoplastic agent for the treatment of colorectal cancer

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  • Medac Disodium Pamidronate 30mg

    Pamidronate is Bisphosphonate used in prevention and treatment

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  • Lorelin depot Inj. 11.25mg

    Advance prostate cancer; LORELIN DEPOT 11.25 mg once in 3 months

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AMGOMED is pharmaceutical company registered under the law of Pakistan, established in June 2006.

AMGOMED is focused to work as partner with healthcare community for improvement of quality of life of patients by providing high-tech chemotherapeutic agents for the treatment of cancer. Our aim is to make a significant contribution in the field of oncology & hematology by bringing in state of the art products by collaborating with our partners all over the world.
Our main focus is on oncology, oncohematologic & biotechnologic products.
We are the first company to focus exclusively on oncology market & searching for the incorporation of high-tech developed products.