AMGOMED believes in teamwork. The cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of our group is much appreciated. We share common interests; betterment of our society, patients & our healthcare providers. We create a positive working atmosphere, and support each other to combine our individual strengths into enhanced team show.
The team includes:

Board of Directors

Dr. Nasir Mehmood


Dr Syed Muhammad Yousaf 


Dr. Ahmad Hammad Arshad

Managing Director

Sales & Marketing:

Dr. Arslan Haider

National Sales Manager

Miss. Rameesha

Sales Manager North

Mr. Abubaker Siddique

Area Business Executive

Mr. Waqar Ahmad

Oncology Manager

Mr. Sihail Ahmad

Oncology Associate

Mr. Muhammad Tauseef Akbar

Sales Manager Center

Mr. Naresh Kumar

Sales Manager South

Mr. Naveed Hussain

Oncology Manager

Mr. Saqib Shahzad

Oncology Associate

Mr. Raza Jafri

Oncology Associate

Mr. Aamir Chandio

Associate Manager Oncology

Mr. Nauman Maqsood

Marketing Manager

Office Staff:

Mr. Fida Muhammad

Manager Administration

Miss. Tafseer Zehra

Manager Finance & Accounts

Mr. Ahmad Farhaj

Manager Accounts

Mr. Muhammad Aslam

Account Officer

Mr. Abdul Waheed

Manager Regulatory Affairs

Mr. Nabeel Siddique


Mr. Shamoon Masih

Office Coordinator

Mr. Abrar Mehmood

Office Assistants

Mr. Bashir Masih

Office Assistant

Miss. Ayesha Shabbir

Office Coordinator

Business Relationship

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