medac International

medac is a pharmaceutical company which has specialized in the treatment of malignant diseases since it was founded in 1970. Many years of experience makes medac one of the leading manufacturers of oncology products in Germany and in international markets. medac also offers new and well proven therapeutic options in the fields of urology, autoimmune diseases and fibrinolysis. More over, medac is one of the few companies engaged also in the field of diagnostics. medac is constantly broadening their portfolio of products to allow the consistent provision of high quality preparations. Oncology department of medac has four specialized units and its line of products, covers virtually the entire area of solid tumor therapy. Besides providing the treatment itself, medac is working on therapies for improving peoples quality of life of patients. medac conducts research in corporation with academic institutions as well as pharmaceutical or biotech companies. medac is always interested in expanding their portfolio of products in the various fields which also includes supportive care and basic therapeutics. medac is interested in adding value to well known preparations in order to serve the needs and requirements of the markets.

Beijing SL Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd

Beijing SL Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, well known as “SL PHARMA”, is a high biotechnology pharmaceutical company, mainly engaged in developing and marketing gene engineering drugs. The company founded in December 1994, was originally as the name “Beijing Bailuyuan Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd”, and changed the name as “Beijing SL Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.” in 1998. It became a Joint-stock Company Limited in August 2000 and was listed in Chinese Stock Exchange in 2004. SL Pharma is located in Haidian District, Beijing, China. Registration capital of the company is CNY 82 million, and net asset is about CNY 150 million. The plant is located in Beijing Badachu High-tech Zone, which occupies 12,000 square meters, and workshops are well equipped with GMP authenticate production lines. Annual production capacity of the manufacturers reaches 20 millions of pharmaceutical injections, and 200 millions of oral solid pharmaceutical products (tablets). All products have GMP Authentication issued by Chinese State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA). Management is performed according to the requirement of international GMP standards from workshops, equipments, raw or auxiliary materials, packing materials to production, quality and hygiene. SL Pharma has obtained four grants supported by “National 863 Item” since 1997. It was authenticated as High Biotechnology Enterprise by Beijing Science and Technology Committee in October 1996 and was ranked as Beijing Leading Biotech Enterprise by both National Ministry of Science and Technology and Chinese Academy of Science. In December 2001, R&D system was certificated as National Postdoctoral Workstation and Beijing city’s technical center.

DONGKOOK Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd

DONGKOOK Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. was established in October 1968 as UEC & Co. Ltd later changed its name to DONGKOOK Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd in March 1982. Since its establishment in 1968, DONGKOOK Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. has consolidated its conditions for existence as a pharmaceutical company through ceaseless study of its products and development of manpower. Development & marketing of innovative cancer therapies is the priority of DONGKOOK Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. DONGKOOK invests more then 5% of the annual sale for research and development. In 1992, DONGKOOK Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. developed the prefilled syringe system in its second factory for the first time in Asia and produced a large amount of various kinds of ultra modern injection agents. Located on its site are its central research institute, raw material factory, etc. where the raw material of its main products are extracted and synthesized directly. DONGKOOK has been concentrating R&D and technical innovation since its establishment in 1968. Since1968, DONGKOOK’s active R&D Center has been not only working toward the development of new drugs but also studying in collaboration with local universities and foreign research centers.

Deva Holdings

THE HISTORY of DEVA begins in Istanbul in 1958. Currently, DEVA is a local, long-established pharmaceutical company operating in Turkey since 1958. Currently, we are engaged in manufacture of human medicinal products, pharmaceutical raw materials, medical ampoules and animal health products. Employing 2,300 associates, with EU GMP and US FDA approved manufacturing sites, awarded R&D center, and exports to foreign countries, we create value for Turkey. At DEVA, our goal is to manufacture every medicinal product in Turkey, which can be locally manufactured, and offer accessible treatments on a global scale. Currently, we have over 600 products in our portfolio across 13 therapy areas, ranging from hematology and oncology to cardiology, respiratory and ophthalmology. Our portfolio diversity and wide variety of forms distinguish us from other companies. Recently, our portfolio has expanded with new products in the fields of antihypertensive, antibiotic, osteoporosis, NSAI and oncology. We also have new products in PAH and MS fields. All our products are manufactured in our sites, 2 of which are in Çerkezköy and 1 in Kartepe, which are all equipped with the state-of the-art technology and have international quality standards. We are one of the most diversified pharmaceutical companies with more than 30 forms in our 3 production facilities with an annual production capacity of 578 million units. As DEVA, our excellence in product quality is confirmed. Our EU-GMP certified and US FDA approved facilities operate at higher standards than most European and US manufacturers. We have established our international markets department in 2009. Currently, the scope of our international operations span business models such as distributorship, in and out licensing, direct selling of DEVA brand products, API exports, toll manufacturing and co-development. We have made important headway toward becoming a global-scale company within a quite short time. The number of approvals we hold has exceeded 700 in 60 countries around the world, including the USA, Switzerland and Germany. Currently, we are exporting drug products and APIs to more than 50 countries. Moreover, our other international operations are conducted under the Devatis brand name in the USA, Germany and Switzerland. Local manufacturing and export must have a fair share of a healthy economy. It is also our aim to export products that we manufacture in Turkey to countries around the world. We are working hard to represent Turkey in the best way on the international stage. We meet all established international standards. We are proud to be making a positive contribution to the national economy with our growing exports.r


The TECNIMEDE GROUP is a private group of pharmaceutical companies that started its activity in 1980. Its activity is focused on the development and marketing of medicinal products for human use, being its mission to contribute for the improvement of health and access to medicinal products worldwide. The Tecnimede Group’s strategy is based on a strong investment in Research & Development activities, whose results obtained will allow the consolidation of the Group’s position in its markets and its internationalization. To achieve its objectives, the Group invested in the construction of a Research & Development Centre – Laborqualitas – and in the acquisition of 2 production units – West Pharma and Atlantic Pharma. Currently, the Group has three commercial lines in Portugal – Tecnimede, Pentafarma and Farmoz, one in Spain -Tecnimede España and another in Morocco -Tecnimede Maroc. As a result of the strategy assumed, the Tecnimede Group is regularly distinguished by the Portuguese Governmental institutions by the investment of significant economical resources in R&D activities. Currently, with a portfolio of over 75 products developed in Laborqualitas, the Tecnimede Group manages over 2,000 MAs at a global level, being present, either directly or through partnerships, in almost all countries of the European Union, as well as in several countries of North Africa, Asia, Middle East and North America.

Dexa Medica

Dexa Medica has evolved from a small company established in 1969 to one of Indonesia’s largest ethical pharmaceutical companies at the beginning of the 21st century and has become a prominent, well-respected player in the domestic pharmaceutical market. Providing better health care by applying expertise was the foundation on which its founders built this Company. Honesty, trust, dedication and commitment to providing patients with the highest quality of ethical pharmaceutical products are preserved as the guiding principles, based upon which the highly professional management team and the motivated, competent staff of Dexa have developed the Company in the spirit of mutual respect, teamwork and innovation over more than three decades. Serving as a good corporate citizen is one of our responsibilities and being a strategic asset of Indonesia is one of our foremost desires. For along time Dexa has worked together with governing institutions and the Indonesian Pharmaceutical Association – championing compliance and improving the industry standards.

CSPC Ouyi Pharmaceutical Group Ltd

CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Limited is a prominent Chinese pharmaceutical entity listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1994 and a constituent of multiple indices, including the Hang Sang Index. Their focus spans finished drugs, bulk drugs, and innovative drug development, boasting a robust product lineup in various therapeutic areas like nervous system diseases, oncology, anti-infectives, and cardiovascular diseases. Renowned products like "Liposomal Doxorubicin," "NBP," "Domeisu," "Jinyouli," "Keaili," and "Xuanning" lead their innovative drug offerings. Operating mainly from Shijiazhuang, China, CSPC's manufacturing facilities produce bulk drug products such as vitamin C, antibiotics, and caffeine series. Their international R&D team spans bases in China and the United States, dedicated to pioneering small molecule targeted drugs, monoclonal antibodies, and more in the immune field. Notably, their "CSPC" brand consistently ranks among China's top 500 most valuable brands, as recognized by the World Brand Lab. Beyond business, CSPC actively engages in corporate social responsibility, supporting various social welfare charities and participating in relief efforts during crises like SARS, earthquakes, and aiding children with critical illnesses. Committed to societal contributions, CSPC demonstrates a pragmatic approach and unwavering dedication through substantial actions.